Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Celebrating the 15000 page views

Finally i have achieved an milestone by getting the 15000 page views on this blog of mine.
Although it took a lot of time to reach this milestone.
I started by creating 10 posts in starting and then managed to get the google adsense account approved for this account and increased the number of posts to 100 ,trying to post when ever possible on any interesting topic that people search on google.
I then tried various ads services to monetize my site but didnt got any good success in it as not many people were visiting my blog.
The only way to attract people is to post some meaningful content so that people who were looking for something may land in here and my pay per view ads may work for me earn some money .
The only way was post as many posts as possible , so i posted whenever i got time and about the things that I learned till date like , google adsense ,my favorite fanbox , tsu and many other things that most of the people search for
I learned many thing like using the keywords and getting the backlinks and registering the blog in search engines to improve the traffic.
I registered my blog there and my another blog too and as a result both of these blogs are getting traffic and traffic is improving day by day.
This is going good and i am seeing some great earnings from my google adsense too and my next target is to get the 20000 (twenty thousand ) page view as soon as possible.
Also I am working on a project which i will disclose soon which will be helpful for me and other bloggers too.